Pastured Pork

 If you’ve ever had a pastured pork chop, then you know the best reason to buy is that it tastes amazing. And while taste is certainly a valid reason to choose pastured, there are health benefits, as well.

Antibiotic-laden meats are thought to contribute to antibiotic resistance and infection frequency in humans; pastured meats, on the other hand, don’t deliver unnecessary drugs to the eater. Pastured pigs also deliver better-quality fat, with a healthier Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio. 

The pigs we choose spend 100% of their life on pasture where they can express there inner and outer most pigness.   These hogs never receive antibiotics, vaccines or hormones. Feasting on roots, grubs, green plants and nuts gives our pastured pork a remarkable taste!  



 The Farm Store is currently CLOSED.  We are open Thursday - Sunday.  Please check back on Thursday evenings when we open.  

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