Grass-fed Beef


Cuts We Normally Offer:

The following is a list of beef cuts we normally offer.  If one of the listed items does not appear on the page below, it is likely sold out but should be available again after we process more beef.

Steaks, Filet, Ribeye, New York Strip, Flank, Skirt, Roasts, Tenderloin, Chuck Round Rump Brisket, Misc. Ground Beef, Short Ribs, Shank Bones, Neck Bones, Liver, Heart, Kidney


Our Beef is Dry Aged:

Farmhouse Nashville is very proud to offer dry aged beef. Dry aging involves hanging the beef in a cooler for several weeks near freezing temperature to allow moisture to evaporate from the muscle. This concentrates and saturates the beef flavor and allows the natural beef enzymes to help break down the connective tissue making the beef more tender. Only high grades of beef can be dry aged as the process requires an evenly distributed fat content - something that is inherent in grass fed beef. You rarely find aged beef outside of high end steak houses or upscale butcher shops.


Cooking Tips:

Grass fed and finished beef has a very different texture from feed-lot beef. The meat is denser and has less fat running through it - therefore it cooks much faster and is more sensitive to cooking temperatures. As a general rule cook at a lower temperature and shoot for a more rare result - it is much easier to overcook. You may also have to add oil to your cooking method to keep it from sticking and / or burning.


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