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Here's what our members have to say about Farmhouse Nashville:

“Once you understand Farmhouse Nashville’s healthy and natural processes to grow fresh produce without chemicals, you will be amazed, and question what you’ve been putting in your mouth to date! The Brubaker’s are not only knowledgeable, but they also have the biggest hearts! That is one combination that equates to fantastic customer service. At the end of the day, just do it! Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? Ok, maybe you lose some weight, gain more energy, or save gas by having your produce delivered to your job.” –Donecia C., Nashville

“Buying produce at the grocery store is hit or miss for me, so it was great to have consistent fruits and vegetables that taste fresh. Each member of our family found something new that they had never heard of or tried before. I am missing my overflowing veggie drawer now that the season is over!” – Tracy T., Murfreesboro

“I was hesitant to sign up for a CSA for four years due to the price & my concern that it would be too many veggies for my boyfriend & me to consume alone.  We decided to give it a go this year, and we will never go back!  It was so fun to experiment with new veggies, cook fun new items, and tell our friends about our fun VEGGIE BOX every other week.  It was something we looked forward to getting.  It felt like Christmas! :)  We will do a CSA from here on out!” –Sam L.,  Hermitage

“I was a little bit overwhelmed by the thought of having crazy, unknown vegetables to do something with, but it’s really very manageable with a little bit of effort with the Facebook pages when everyone shares ideas. My sister lives out-of-state and does a CSA that provides many of the same things. We swap recipes a lot. I miss my fresh CSA produce now that it’s the off-season!” – Stacey S., Mt. Juliet

“I highly recommended for getting more fruits and veggies into your home, plus you support local and mix up your routine of meals! ” – Autumn B., Mt. Juliet

“My family loved being members of Farmhouse Nashville CSA for many reasons. It was always fun to go through the box and see what we got each week. I loved shelling peas with my two-year-old daughter and my son was always hopeful that he would find a stowaway caterpillar in the broccoli. My children gained a sense of where food comes from, how it grows, and how it looks when it’s fresh from the farm. As a parent who grew up on farmland, I was happy to share my experiences with them as various fruits and veggies sparked memories from my childhood. I believe that as a family we consumed more fresh food than we would have through conventional means. Not wanting to waste anything our meals consisted primarily of vegetables with smaller protein portions which we all came to appreciate. This saved us money as well as time spent on grocery runs. I found Farmhouse to be one of the most economical CSA’s in the area. They provided the most produce for the lowest price. I cannot say enough good things about this CSA! ” – Jamie R., Old Hickory

“Farmhouse Nashville is a fantastic CSA with lots of variety throughout the growing season. Our family enjoyed purple carrots and sweet cabbages that we had never had before.” –Phillipia P., Nashville

“This year, my family decided to try to eat healthier, while trying to stay within a budget and the Farmhouse Nashville CSA helped us achieve that.  This CSA was very affordable and the produce was so fresh and delicious; we absolutely  loved it.  It was such a fun experience seeing the different items every week and trying new veggies and new recipes. I would say that everyone should try a CSA at least once and decide for yourself if it is for you.  My family is adventurous and willing to try new things, so it was wonderful for us.  You have a lot of different produce, so you don’t get bored and you get to try things that you have never experienced before.  This has been a very positive experience for us.  I wish everyone could enjoy it, as much as we did.” – Elaine M., Franklin

“Our family has benefited from the program by eating more fresh vegetables that have been grown organically without pesticides. We want to eat more fresh vegetables and less processed foods and find that Farmhouse Nashville helps us incorporate seasonal foods into our menus. We look forward to picking up our box to see what new items will be in it.   Love the eggs, honey, and other seasonal items available for us to buy.  Not only are we helping an independent farmer but we get to try vegetables that we might not buy in the store.  Last year we enjoyed preparing and eating swiss chard and rhubarb and look forward to the new spring foods.  We would encourage everyone to join and experience getting fresh vegetables to enhance your family’s diet.” – Anne R., Mt. Juliet 

“This CSA is wonderful! Stephanie and her team work so hard to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. The quality of the food is amazing. It’s so nice knowing where you food is coming from and supporting local farmers. We like being able to try new vegetables that we normally wouldn’t buy at the store. You won’t be disappointed!” – Tara B., Mt. Juliet

“It is such a joy to have that weekly box of fresh, local, conscientiously grown food to base our diet around. We feel so nourished physically and spiritually. Also, it allows us the convenience of fewer grocery stops. The quality and flavor of this food is beyond anything in the stores!” –Kara C.

We’ve been wanting to eat local, organic foods, but it is hard to get those at a grocery without it costing a fortune. This was so much better AND affordable. We’ve learned how to use some new ingredients and some recipes that feature the produce instead of reducing it to a side dish. We highly recommend joining a CSA. It is cost effective in the long run and it feels good to eat healthy and support a local farmer!” - Jason R., LaVergne

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