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Week 9 Chef Notes


Week 9 Chef Notes and Tips


Ideas for this week's harvest forecast.

Tomatoes: Oven dried add as a topping to salad for extra flavor.
Are a great all purpose seasoning for many of vegetables in this week's box.
Green Beans:
For an Asian flare add sesame oil, cilantro, Braggs amino acid, and toasted almonds.
Shred and add to muffins.
Slice with other vegetables and serve with hummus or ranch.
Great for extra flavor with any sauteed vegetable.
Prepare and freeze zucchini quick bread for Fall months.
Roast and add to corn bread mix for a fun griddle cake great with bbq.
Maple glazed carrots.
Add to beans and puree for a great dip.
Cream of the Crop Squash:
Steam, remove flesh, and freeze for Fall month to add with pumpkin or sweet potatoes for a great pie.

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