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Week 11 Chef Notes

Week 11 Chef Notes and Tips


PART 2: “A Safe Plate”


A trip to the grocery store can be a marathon event at times taking 2-4 hours, with the list in hand, kids in tow, and shopping cart full speed ahead. The extra time comes at check-out, departure, the trip home, and placement of groceries. Below are a few steps to follow that food is handle properly while transporting:

  1. Store meats, egg products, tofu, seafood, fish, cooked rice and melons at 41 degrees or below. If these items will be held hot the temperature should always be 140 degrees or above.

  2. All meats in home refrigerators should be stored on the bottom shelf in a container to collect any meat drippings.

  3. Never store meat next to fresh fruits, vegetables or prepared items.

  4. All food should be wrapped or placed in an air tight container for refrigeration.

  5. Store large quantities in smaller batches and shallow containers to insure rapid cooling.

  6. Store canned, boxed or bagged foods in a cool, clean and dry place.


The Harvest Report: Some of the items have been discussed for many weeks, but Swiss Chard, Pole Beans, Parsley, and Garlic are fairly new items.


Tomatoes: These are great to eat by slicing it with salt and pepper! Dice them and add them to soups or hash.
Pole Beans:
You will need to remove the string from these beans, but it comes off very easily. Cook them the same way you would regular green beans.
Slice it and enjoy! This flavorful melon is also good in fruit salads. Benefits of Cantaloupes: 54 calories for 1 cup of cantaloupe. This fruit is high in Vitamins C, A and potassium.
Dice and saute in butter, salt, and pepper. Fried squash is a great southern delight.
Slice it and enjoy! Great to eat outside for a snack or at a picnic so the juices can drip freely!
Dice them and add them to soups, sauteed vegetables, stews, or salads.

Corn: Cut this sweet delight off the cob and saute it in butter, salt, and pepper for a delicious side dish.
Swiss Chard:
Is a great leafy green, the leaves, ribs and stems can be consumed either fresh or sauteed.
Is a very versatile herb aids in digestion and adds a simple, but hearty flavor to any item.
By far is great for every aspect of health, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Stock up and consume this healing bulb. 


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