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Week 1 Menu Ideas

Notes from Chef Pasos: This week Farmhouse Nashville presents a beautiful box of fresh produce filled with color, texture and taste!

Meal Plan:
Step 1: Wash, prepare and store fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for the week.
Step 2: Prepare meals with a variety color
Step 3: Prepare a meal consisting of 50% or more of fruits/vegetable, 25% protein or vegetarian proteins, 25% whole grain starch.

Menu Ideas for Week 1:
Strawberries: Smoothies, Strawberry Compote or add as topping to a delicious salad! 
Sweet Potatoes: Roasted, baked, mashed or fried, this starch packs a mouth full of sweet taste. Try preparing a sweet potato biscuit, scone or pancakes with mashed sweet potatoes. 
Lemon Balm or Mint: Infused Waters, vinaigrette or a great addition to any salad. 
Spring Onions: Mix with bok choy, broccoli, and snow peas for a great stir fried side item or add to Greek yogurt to prepare an amazing marinade for chicken. 
Romaine Lettuce: This will be an abundant harvest for the next few weeks enjoy as a salad, wrap sandwich or at the carrier for tacos. 
Bok Choy: a delicious hearty green with a similar flavors to cabbage, this item can be eaten raw in salads or gently cooked with other vegetables. A cook time of 3-5 minutes will ensure a tender product without the mushy texture. 
Broccoli: Raw, steamed, baked or grilled, this Brassica is filled with nutrients and will make any recipe a delight. Try broccoli cheese casserole, sesame broccoli, broccoli salad or steamed broccoli with a dash of Italian seasoning and garlic. 
Kale: Add to smoothies, create a slaw or braise with bacon and onions for a classic Southern flare. 
Sweet Peas: This is a great addition to any salad or add to steamed rice to create a pilaf. 

STORAGE IDEAS: Each week you will receive crisp fruits & vegetables straight from the fields, so do not leave the produce in the trunk of your car, in your garage, or on your kitchen counter.  These items are highly perishable unlike the produce of grocery stores and they need to be refrigerated.

TIPS: I highly recommend the broccoli & greens are soaked in a mixture 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of vinegar and ¼ c. salt to removed in critters from the field. Next step would be to rinse multiple times and dry thoroughly. Throughout the season you will be given many cooking techniques, storage tips, recipes and videos to help with the preparation of each box. Welcome to our kitchen!

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