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Cooking with Grass-fed Beef


Grass-fed Beef is naturally lower in fat than feed-lot beef (think of all those carbs in corn!).  LOW and SLOW is the byword. Heat that is too high can drive out the resident moisture and fat in the meat.  Dry heat, such as grilling or oven-roasting, should be reserved for the the most choice of steaks and ground beef.  Moist heat is best to achieve tenderness in most cuts, so braising, stewing or the use of the crockpot  are the best methods for all other cuts. Grass-fed beef has a flavor all its own.  Simple herbal rubs or just good air-dried sea salt and fresh-ground pepper will enable you to enjoy the great flavor and learn just how meats are supposed to taste!

Steaks can be tricky...please NO MORE than medium rare and use an instant read thermometer.  One good meathod for cooking a great steak is here:  http://nourishedkitchen.com/pan-fry-great-steak/  This is a great blog on traditional food preparation. I usually thaw and bring a steak up to room temperature.  Heat a fry pan to medium high heat, add some or our good grass-fed lard, coconut oil or ghee, and quickly sear the steak on both sides.  Turn down the heat or turn it off and let it set to bring it up to temperature

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