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Wash and dry the fresh herbs while on stems.  Remove leaves from stem.  If making basil pesto, try to use removed leaves right away—they start to turn black—but can still be used.  Also, after processing the ingredients, move quickly to freeze the pesto.  It also loses its fresh green look as oxygen gets to it.  No harm—just looks darker.

I like to sautee the garlic in the oil before I add to the food processor,  but not necessary.  Does takes longer to make the pesto.

Combine dry ingredients in a food processor or blender.  With the machine running, slowly add the olive oil.  I don’t like adding the oil with machine running, because I use a food processor and it is not practical to do this. I put all in at one time.

Add salt and pepper if desired.  Serve the pesto as desired as a spread on crackers or bread, as a sauce with pasta, in fresh tomato sauce for flavoring, or in soups, etc.

Or freeze for later use.  Some folks keep an ice-tray to freeze pesto in small amounts.   I put dollops  (about 1 Tbsp each) on a pie plate,  put plate in a plastic baggie and freeze until hard.  Remove the dollops and put into a freezer bag.   I use snack-size bags and then put these bags into a larger freezer bag.  It is easier to remove the small bag from the larger one.




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