2020 Farm Shares

Farm Share Sizes, Prices and Payment Options

2020 Farm Share Options:

All of our Farm Shares are customizable.  You choose what goes in your share each delivery!  Our new software system, allows you to choose what you like and what you want to skip!  It's easy-peasy!

The Half Share is perfect for an individual or couple (based on one – two serving sizes). We will have at least 5 different items in every share

The Full Share is packed to please a family of four – five.   The Full share will have at least 8 different items in every share. This share is perfect for the enthusiastic cook or a family that is dedicated to cooking and eating at home three to four nights per week.

More Options:  The Anytime Share - Looking for convenience and the freedom to order your Farm Share around your busy schedule? Do you travel frequently?  On a tight budget? We are offering the Anytime Share for those of you who can not commit to the 24 week season but would still like to order fresh produce.  The Anytime Share is available in Half or Full Shares and can be ordered at your convenience.  

Order your Anytime Share:  Here

     ***You will need to submit your Anytime Share order a week in advance of your delivery date.  Orders submitted later, may not be delivered.


Farm Shares are delivered Weekly or Bi-Weekly (every other week).

What's the Investment?

Half Share: $20

Full Share: $28 

Our season is 12 weeks.  A Weekly Share would receive 12 deliveries.  A Bi-weekly Share will receive 6 deliveries.  


 Payment Options:

Payment for the 2020 Season is required to enroll.  You have the option to pay in full or in monthly installments.  We do not offer cancellations or refunds.  If paying by *credit card or debit card, please click here:  Sign Up Here

*(We accept Visa and MasterCard only.)
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